Genius Hour Blog #1

I am learning  about Dog Abuse and how you can stop it and what to do if you’re a witness. I  chose this topic because  have a dog and I could never see him getting abused. If i witnessed it now, I would know what to do. I am creating a website about all of the information I gathered and some pictures. I want to be able to inform people on what to do in this kind of situation. I learned that if you witnessed it, it might just be a miss understanding, but you should always call for help. I want to do this, because I do not like the commercials you see on TV about dog abuse and it makes me want to be able to help them!

Iowa State College Visit


I went to visit the Iowa Sate University College. I think the best part of our trip was when we did the DNA testing in the Forensic Science Lab. Our instructor made it feel like we were actually doing a DNA test. I thought that was kind of neat. I didn’t know that they have free bus rides to everywhere in Ames only for ISU college students. All they have to do is find the right route and time and they can get free rides if they don’t want to walk. I don’t think I would want to go to ISU because, I have had my heart set on University of Iowa for a long time. Also, I have always wanted to live in Iowa City and I am a HUGE IOWA HAWKEYE fan!! Plus, I wouldn’t like cheering for a team that I HATE. The campus had very old buildings around a big open grassy area. It had coffee shops right in the middle of campus and everything is near each other. We also saw a 3D video that was kind of cool. You need to have already taken classes like English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science , and Social Studies. to be able to get into ISU.

Genius Hour Blog

I have decided to learn about Dog Abuse and how to stop it. I have a dog and I could never imagine how horrible it could be for me to see my dog getting abused. I want to learn how to stop it, what to do if you are a witness of it, and how many dogs in the United States of America get abused everyday and year. I plan on making a quick poster about the facts I learned. I will measure my goals by writing down what I have accomplished in my learning. I feel like anyone can make a difference to this situation. I am excited to learn more about this topic so, I could be prepared/ready to do what is best for the abuser and the dog. I also plan on seeing why and how people abuse their or someone else’s dog. When most people hear about this tragety, they have this crazy idea that maybe they are outside for a reason in the heat/cold.

Week 10

I have wrote 6 posts. Three posts of mine were school based. On my blog I have 19 comments from students and adults. My post “Memories of my dog”, received 5 comments. I think I got the most comments on that because I have explained myself and expressed my emotions. I loved writing about the Nature post because I love it so much. Fall is my favorite season so I got to describe what I do and what I wear in Fall. Nature is a beautiful thing. No, I did not change any of  themes and I did not have any widgets in my posts.

Nature (Fall)


My favorite thing in nature is the Fall season. Fall is my favorite season, because it always has the perfect weather. I love fall because, I like to wear sweaters, boots, scarfs, leggings, and fuzzy socks. In Fall, I think the trees and sunsets are always very pretty. I love taking pictures and jumping, in the leaves. I love sitting by the cozy fire with a nice and warm blanket. I love making hot chocolate with a pinch of cinnamon in it. My favorite thing to do is cuddle with my dog and also sit next to the fire. I like to see the trees change into different colors that are beautiful. nature is all about the wonderful scents. I love lighting fall scented candles in my room. My favorite are the Pumpkin Spice and the Warm Apple Pie. They just make your whole house/room smell really amazing. I also like Halloween. I always used to trick or treat with my friend but now since we are getting older, we pass out candy together. My favorite thing on Halloween is the different choices of candy you get. I usually get a lot of candy then hide it from my brothers.  I think that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because of all the good food. I love being with my family on Thanksgiving because we have the best time and food. On Thanksgiving my dads side of the family and mine always go to down to my grandparents house in Arkansas. My cousins and I always drive my grandpas John Deer around in the front yard. I always help my grandma bake treats. We make lemon, pumpkin, chocolate, and apple pie, all kinds of cookies, and other treats for dessert. I love fall because of all the beautiful things I see every year!   pumpkin pie

Sites I’ve visited!!

I visited

Her blog was sad and exiting. She is 9 years old and is from Australia. Her blog is about her dogs. She described her dogs’ background and how she loves them so much. I thought she did a good job of telling us about her dogs’ about how they were abused and how they act at home.

I visited

He is 13 years old and is from America. His post is about how America treats black and white people all over the world. I like how he explained what has been going on in the 21st century. He just didn’t use correct words and grammar.

I visited

He is 16 years old and is from England. His post is about horror trailers and how the producers black out the screen so people the trailer will make the movie better. I think thatv is cool how he found out about that. I liked it because he got deep into the facts about horror trailers.

I visited

She is 8 years old and is from the USA. Her blog was about her favorite sport which is soccer. She expressed her feelings for soccer. I like how she explained how and why she loves soccer so much! I think she did a great job on her blog.

I visited

He is 9 years old and is from Australia. His blog is about how he feels about expressing himself online and offline. I think I am kind of like that but less shy.

I visited

She is 10 years old and from the US. Her blog was about how much she loves fall. I liked it because I agree with everything she said about fall. She did a nice job.

I visited

She is 11 years old and is from USA. Her blog was about how much she loves sushi. She said how much ingredients you can put on it. I do not like sushi but she made it sound good.

I visited

She is 11 years and from USA. Her blog is about how good of a volleyball player she is for a 6th grader. I think she did a great job.

I visitedë

He is 12 years old and is from the USA. His blog is about how much he loves his grandmas food. I liked it because I agree with loving my grandmas food.

I visited

She is 12 years old and from USA. Her blog was about how her family went to DC. Me and my family go somewhere on every summer vacation. I think she did a great job.



Memories of My Dog

It was the year of 2011, when I lost my first dog! Her name was Chesney, she was a Jack Russell Terrier Mix. She was hurting really bad and wasn’t feeling well for a long time, so my mom decided it was time to put her to sleep. She was 10 years old when she had passed away. My mom had drove to the vet and she had to watch that happen. I would have never made it if I had to watch that horrible moment happen. Meanwhile at home me and my family were crying. It was the year of 2011, when I lost my first dog. I was heartbroken for almost a week! My family also had another dog at that time so I still and someone to cuddle with. I believe she is in a better place now. She has been gone for 4 years and I still miss and love her. We had her cremated and we also have a big rock that says “In loving memory of Chesney 2011.”

Stop Dog Abuse

I think what is really important/sad is Dog Abuse! People around the world abuse innocent dogs almost everyday. Pit-bulls, Pit-bull mixes, and Greyhounds are the most common dog abused through out the United States! I think dog abuse is a cruel and stupid thing to do. These days, fines are $1,000-$50,00 for abusing dogs. Most days dogs will bark at you if you are hurting them or if they see danger, and I think that the owners think that the dogs are trying to harm them. In 2007, over 60 dogs were rescued from a dog fighting ring in Ohio, Over 20 people were arrested. The Human Society estimates that over 2 million dogs are slaughtered for there precious fur. Some dogs are being painfully abused by getting caught in animal traps. Over 1 million dogs are abused or killed each year!

Dogs are at the top of the animal abuse list! More American households have more pets than children. I’m glad we have animal shelters in the United States to help abused animals or animals that don’t have a home. We need to speak up and make a law to No Dog Abuse/Animal Abuse in the United States. I am also glad that people are putting Animal Abuse Commercials on TV where where everyone can see what is happening around our world everyday. According to the FBI, animal abuse is concidered as serial rapists and murder.

Many people don’t mean to abuse their pets because they don’t know that they are abusing animals. Also most dogs that are out in a shelter are abused then have to be put asleep. In estimate, there are 900-2,000 new cases every year of animal abuse in the US. Dog abuse can be counted as just shouting at them, but it also includes beating them in any way. I hope that people will raise their voice and Stop Dog Abuse!



Am I Different?

Yes, I think I am different online. I am different because, I am more funny and happier in real life. I talk to more people in real life. I like to tell people things face to face and I am more alive in how I talk. I like to be myself instead of pretending to be someone else. I think people know more about me in real life. I am a better person in real life.